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RK stage curtain track

Aluminum motorized stage curtains track 


RK--Motorized Curtain system with feature of stable,smooth and low noise.Can be for begining or the end of the performance. large, medium and small theaters, multi-purpose hall, meeting rooms, a ballroom, hotel and so on.According to customer's size, complete assembled track and control systems, easy adjustment, construction time is short, less demanding on the installation environment, such as: a smooth place was decorated, the ceiling above the stage with a groove or flat can be installed. We provide high quality technical support.

Track has a variety of styles: Straight Split, Split arc, lift off style.
System control: speed control plus wireless remote control, wireless remote control and manual or remote control.

Curtain Drapery are available in various color and weight.  Chiffon, Velvet, Velour, Poly Premier and so on.

Remark: Please contact me for how to calculate the length of the drapery!


Flame resistant drapery for Event,Stage
 Component Aluminum Track
44 mm * 57mm,6m~30m
Block Wheel
Plastic & Iron

Curtain Moving Speed
0.5m/s,0.6m/s,0.8m/s,1.0m/s Changeable

Curtain: Velvet,Velour -- Flame resistant--Optional Color

Usage :Stage ,Show,Eents, Theatre,Party, Scholl,Hotel,etc.

Production Feature

1:  in-phase motor , large torque, can drive 200 KG fabric. 
2: Framework and speed can both be adjusted.
3: Framework has time-lapse and over current protection.

4. Track is steady and low voice. 



stage curtain track



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