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What is Pipe and drape?

time:2017-07-14 editor:R-grafen
RK(Rack In The Cases Ltd.) provide high quality updated pipe stand and various drapery. Today will give a clear definition of all the backdrop parts to you all.
   What is pipe and drape? When you Google it, the definition : A pipe is a method used to pass information from one program process to another. Unlike other types of inter process communication, a pipe only offers one-way communication by passing a parameter or output from one process to another.
   In our field, Pipe is actually a pole(material can be aluminum/iron/stainless, etc.). It used to hang up some fabric. Drape refer to some knitting fabric. A full backdrop including 2 uprights, 2 bases and one crossbar.
   The uprights are the vertical metal poles which rest on the bases and are connected together with the drape supports. If you only need to erect a single standard height over and over again, you can use fixed uprights. For most event companies, Adjustable Uprights are the best choice. Adjustable Uprights are made out of machined aluminum and come in a variety of sizes.
     RK telescopic upright and crossbar has necessary parts. Button-Lock (used in crossbar) and Slip-Lock(used in upright) 2 parts. The length of crossbar is limited by the Button-lock system. You can press the button to shorten and strength the crossbar length. The Slip-Lock collar assembly locks automatically when the inner pole is raised vertically to the desired height. As a vertical load is applied downward, the ball-taper lock feature locks tighter. The more pressure applied downward, the tighter it will lock. To release the lock, simply raise the inner pole slightly and lift the release ring.
    RK Adjustable upright has 2 sections and 3section. For the safety, RK 2-section only recommend you use pole from 3-5ft, 6-10ft, 7-12ft , 8-14ft ,9' - 16' to 11' - 20', while 3-section, we suggest you use range from 5' - 11' , 6' - 14', 7' - 17' , 8' - 20' to 9' - 23' . RK Crossbar, size from 2' - 3' TDS(stops at 3' )to 9' - 16' TDS(stops at 12', 14' & 16'), only need to use a hook to connect with upright. It is steady.
    For the strength, durability and suitability, RK design more upgrade and qualified pipe stand to clients, and we have received a lot of compliments from our customers. Choose RK, it is your best partner.      

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