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8x6x4m Stage Truss Installation for Houston Client

time:2021-08-17 editor:R-grafen
Truss is made of aluminum, it is a kind of strong stucture used to set up roof system. Here are the installation for our Houston client, dimension in 8x6x4m

Our truss Dimension:
1. Spigot truss: 220x220mm, 230x230mm, 290x290mm, 390x390mm, 520x520mm;
2. Bolt truss: 100x100mm, 150x150mm, 200x200mm, 250x250mm, 300x300mm, 350x350mm, 400x400mm, 450x450mm, 400x600mm, 500x500mm, 500x600mm, 520x760mm, 600x760mm, 760x910mm;
3. Shape: Ladder truss, triangle truss, sqaure truss, round/circle truss, arc and anomalistic truss
4. Thickness: Main Tube: 3mm 
                      Sub-main Tube: 2mm 
                      Brace Tube: 2mm
5.Length: 1m,1.5m,2m,2.5m,3m,3.5m,4m etc
6.Top shape: arc frame, triangular frame
7.Usage of roof truss
   our truss can be used for exhibition booth, concert,wedding,banner displays, staging structure,  towering system etc
8.Weight -loading  capacity of roof truss:
   200-800KG/Meter according to the truss size
Contact person: Demi
Email: sales01@raykevent.com