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RK Various Pipe and Drape Designs for sale

time:2017-07-31 editor:R-grafen
Pipe & drape backdrop kits
RK company, we take care of the details for you and simply quote on a per foot basis.
Our pipe and drape comes in a wide variety of colors, and can be setup at 3’, 8’, 12’, or 16’ tall. We can almost always setup our pipe and drape to effectively suit any event or venue. Pipe & Drape is so versatile and can really transforms any space. It can be used to create amazing head table backdrops, wedding altars, vip areas, cover unsightly walls, divide rooms and more.
Use pipe and drape for more than dividing a room; here are some ideas from real weddings:
Create a grand entrance with white draping fabric and hanging crystals, ribbons, or garlands.
Say “I do” under a draped canopy of sheer fabric with our affordable pipes as a frame.
Make your own fun photo booth with our pipe and drape; all you need are wacky props and a camera to let your guests create some memories!
Below are our hot sale pipe and drape items for sale. If you don’t have any idea for your event, feel free let us know what effect you want, then we will give you a perfect solution.  

pipe and drape booth
Send email to Elsa today to get a quote:  sales04@raykevent.com

Hot sale items:
Base: 18*18*3/16”, 18*18*5/16”, 24*24*3/16”, etc.
Upright(Adjustable): 6’-10’, 7’-12’, 8’-14’, 9’-16’, 8’-20’, etc.
Crossbar(Adjustable): 6’-10’, 7’-12’, 8’-14’, 9’-16’, 8’-20’, etc.
Drape: Velvet, Velour, Chiffon, Banjo, Silk, etc.