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Where to Buy Professional Pipe Drape?

time:2017-11-29 editor:R-grafen
Pipe drape Backdrop kits as components of wedding decoration, always create surprising visual effect. Room divider, banquet hall decor, theater, Studio backdrops, party backdrop, holiday events, dressing rooms, fashion show, crowd control, photo shoot backdrops, trade show exhibition booths etc. all kinds of these event backdrops.

pipe drape backdrop kits
RK as a professional team, focus on new design upgrade event equipment and provide the best service. If you ask who would be the professional supplier in this event sector, my answer is RK.

There are many available size pipe drape kits for your chose. One basic of pipe frame is consist of 2uprights, 2 bases and 1 crossbar. Telescopic upright(Can be called Vertical Pole) has 2-section and 3-section 2 designs, which solve different clients requirement on the height. Our upright range from 3’-5ft, 6’-10’ , 7-12’, 8-14’ to 11’- 20ft, and 5' - 11' , 6' - 14', 8-20’ to 9' - 23'.
As for the crossbar(Horizontal Pole), we provide 3-5’, 5-8’, 6-10’, 7-12’, 8-14’ 9-16’ etc. these hot size at your optional. With the stop button, you can adjust any length as you like.
Base, support base plate on ground, various sizes and thicknesses(3 sizes: 5mm/8mm/10mm) are available depending on the crossbar’s width and weight of the drapery panel selected.

If you would like to design a backdrop, then you are expected to tell us your venue/room size (Width x Height, Depth if possible) at first. Only when you have exact measurement for your background, can we give you the correct and attractive offer.

pipe and drape sets

RK are big-scale factory, and we do wholesale and reasonable price, chose us is the right choice. We also have other event equipment: portable stage, dance floor, pipe drape, truss system, protector ramp, crowd barrier, etc. Contact us now and begin your event.
Ask more detailed and professional idea about our event project and some other wedding solution, contact Demi immediately.
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