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DMX512 LED star curtain by RK

time:2018-04-21 editor:R-grafen

There is an ancient poetry: Nearly a hundred feet tall, the building is so high, from which it seems like I could pick a star in the sky. As a kind of event decoration items, LED star curtain is to the taste of most clients.

Starlit Curtain is composed of DMX controller and LED background curtains 2 parts. With simple installation way, and the various colors for chose. And there are 2 hanging way for curtains pocket and grommet available. Such more options for choosing led curtains, that is also why our backdrop widely used in comprehensive activities.

We are professional factory with advanced technology, wholesale price sell at only USD10-12/per square meter, why not contact us to set up shining project for you now? (Demi: sales01@raykevent.com)

LED Curtain

Own supplier who has professional service and advanced manufacture technology, convince that we can build marvellous event project for you. Please contact Demi immediately.

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