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RK White Dance Floor for Wedding

time:2018-05-03 editor:R-grafen

RK dance floor products are designed for wedding event and other else special events in your life. All white dance floor solution is the best-selling: it is easy to install, portable when necessary, and is suitable for using directly on both indoor and outdoor floors. Check out our below popular dance floor solutions to option the one you like.

white dance floor

white dance floor

Panels are usually 2×2 feet, 3×3 feet, 4×4 feet (122cm × 122cm) or 1M × 1M, which allow you to setup a system in any size or shape. Setup a square floor, rectangle or a runway. With optional adaptors the system may be T or L shaped.

white dance floor

white dance floor for wedding

It takes only 30 seconds per panel to assemble. Each panel is light weigh, and is made in glossy surface, very popular in wedding. Also, we provide trolley and flight case so that it will be easy for users transport the dance floors.

Below is a list of our most popular white dance floor recommended to you:

(1) 12ft × 12ft
(2) 16ft × 16ft
(3) 20ft × 20ft
(4) 24ft × 24ft

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