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RK portable pipe and drape for wedding or other event

time:2018-09-28 editor:R-grafen

Pipe and Drape kits is mainly used to hide or decorate a space temporarily. It is the most cost effective way to divide booth spaces at Wedding Hall, Stage Backdrop exhibition events. Also you can use pipe and drape for weddings, dances, and parties. But often, it's a missed opportunity. Now here have some pipe and drape benefits as follows.

pipe and drape

Portable Pipe And Drape Benefits;
* Durable and rust resistant;
* Modular system;
* Easy to install, can be assembled in minutes;
* Virtually unlimited size or configuration;
* Creates theatre-like appearance;
* No extra tools required;
* Drapes can be supplied to size;
* Easy for carry with special designed hand bags.

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