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RK portable dance floor event floor

time:2018-10-10 editor:R-grafen

RK portable dance floor event floor - dance floor manufacturer with high qaulity and good prices.

When it comes to event floors, RK wooden dance floor outstands for its perfect polished finish surface, stability and durability, which makes it is the first choice for weddings, parties, balls and many other indoor and outdoor venues. RK dance flooring is engineered for outstanding stability with a smart interlock system that only needs a very simple tool to get it done quickly and perfectly. And dis-assemble is just as quickly.

RK portable dance floor event floor

RK dance floor have Size, 1m×1m, 2ft×2ft, 3ft×3ft, 4ft×4ft, Colors, White, black, and all kind of wood grain colors, it choose material of the best aluminum and plywood, 18mm thickness plywood with 30mm thickness aluminum frame, and to make this good floor. It have good loading capacity of 750KGS per Square meter, it was wildly used of many kind of events occasion, and to bring the best effect for these events.

dance floor manufacturer with high qaulity and good prices

RK dance floor is very popular by many new and regular customers, there were many customer came to RK company to had visit in this month, they all expressed for RK dance floor. some new customers who haven't bought and known RK dance floor before, they worried and not sure for our floor, but after they visit our factory and had a look for the floors in person, all worried disappeared. RK dance floor have a very good quality, from materials choose to the producing, and to before shipping quality checking, it have very good quality control, and it have 3 years warranty.

RK dance floor manufacturer

Except come to visit RK company, customers can come to RK exhibition to know more about RK and to Know more about RK products, RK will attend Get Show, prolight+Sound, carton Fair each year, if you planed to come to China to have a business trip, if you want to find a good supplier, and if you want to find a very good products, please feel free to contact us.

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