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the fourth generation wooden dance floor

time:2018-11-14 editor:R-grafen

Easier installation and stronger the fourth generation wooden dance floor to sell !!!

RK specialize in dance floor field for 17 years, with good quality and pretty competitive price. With the concept of continuous innovation and perfection, we now launches the fourth generation dance floor for sale.

Our the fourth dance floor has been upgraded in connection with the previous dance board, as shown in the picture:

two-generation RK dance floor

The fourth generation dance floor connection method only needs to put the dance board in the connection accessories, it can be directly fixed, this way is simple and convenient! There are three types of link accessories, using for middle, side and vertical angles of dancing board respectively, like this:

RK new dance floor

The front and back of the dance panel are as follows. We designed four points on the back of the dance panel, and the weight bearing effect is very good:

RK new dance floor

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