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8" × 14" Base for Pipe And Drape Kits

time:2018-11-26 editor:R-grafen

RK EVETN company provides 8" × 14" Base for Pipe And Drape Kits - What's included in the listing of the base plate: 8" × 14" solid steel base, one 1.5" diameter × 3" (Height) base pin. For use with 3 foot tall uprights only (sold separately).

This is a Slip-Fit base, meant for use with Slip-Fit uprights, and will NOT work with Screw-In systems.

pipe and drape base plate

Listing is for the base and pin only. Additional hardware sold separately in our eBay store.

The edges of these pipe and drape base products can be raw or rough. Edge protectors help protect your hands and the flooring. If you choose to not have edge protectors, we suggest wearing gloves when handling these bases.

About The Base:

This rugged solid steel base goes underneath each upright to help provide overall stability in the display. The weight of the base, with the included base pin, is approximately 6 pounds, measures 8" × 14", and has a thickness of approximately 3/16". There are three holes punched in each base, allowing for a variety of upright placement options (however, the center hole is always recommended for the most stability). A "U-shaped" stacking slot is cut out of one of the 14" sides, as shown in the photo. Each base includes a base pin. This is a 3" (Height) × 1.5" diameter solid steel pin that screws on to one of the holes on the base - the hole where you plan on placing your upright. A flat head screwdriver is needed for screwing on the base pin, but the process only takes about 30 seconds. Once your pin is on your base securely, any Slip-Fit 1.5" diameter upright will slip right over it (that is what makes the Slip-Fit system so fast and easy).

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