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Adjustable pipe and drape kits pipe and drape frame

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What is PIPE AND DRAPE? Pipe and Drape refers to pipe ( aluminum or steel ), fixed or adjustable telescoping vertical uprights supported by a weighted steel base, and adjustable telescopic or fixed horizontals that provide a drape support frame with removable drape panels.

People can use pipe and drape to divide, hide, or decorate a space temporarily. Using pipe & drape is the least costly way to surround booth space at an exhibition. When the system is used for exhibition purposes and used instead of the traditional shell scheme option build time and breakdown time is significantly reduced. Pipe and drape is a great way of adding colour to what would normally be a relatively plain backdrop.

Adjustable pipe and drape kits pipe and drape frame

Where you can use them?

Pipe and drape often used as trade show booths, in tents, in large banquet halls and on stage, Pipe and drape covers up the distracting features of the less appealing wall or window behind it. Pipe and drape is freestanding so ideal as room dividers, exhibition curtain backdrop, stage theatrical backdrop, catering aisle drape and drape partitions.


* Trade Show - establishing a trade show booth system.
* Places of worship - ceremonies and performances.
* Colleges and schools -For sporting events, class reunions, and a variety of school related functions.
* Wedding halls - Backdrops behind the head table, and often the surrounding walls as well.
* Businesses - Hide construction on their premises, or to re-enforce corporate colors wherever they go.
* Photographers - Background of photo shoots, or to make a portable photo booth enclosure.
* Hospitals - Create private dressing rooms for patients waiting to go to their room.

Adjustable pipe and drape kits pipe and drape frame

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