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Used for large outdoor and indoor activities of the aluminum

time:2019-02-21 editor:R-grafen

RK portable aluminum stage is one of the leading national production companies in China, which provide all aspects of production completely internal. Includes stage, truss, flight case, dance floor, tubing and curtains. RK stage has an independent department with professional and experienced staff to answer your questions on site, RK stage will cover all aspects of your production! Indoor and outdoor stage solutions, duct and curtain background, dance floor are ours Professional services and a wide range of stock listings.

RK event segmentation is available worldwide. We regularly export stage equipment to the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Australia, Canada, Singapore and other countries. We have stage stage equipment, a versatile modular stage stage solution that is very versatile – it allows us to create a powerful and flexible raised platform in your event. We will work with you to plan the size, shape and height of your stage.

aluminum stage

Here is aluminum stage details:
Standard sizes: 1.22×1.22m,1.22×2.44m
Additional dimensions: 1×1m,1×2m
Height adjustment legs: 0.3-0.4-0.4 m, 0.4-0.5-0.5 m, 0.6 m - 0.8-1, 0.8-1-1.2 m, 1-1.3-1.5 m, 1.2-1.5-1.5 m, 1.5-1.8-1.8 m;
Raw material: supervisor 50×3mm,
Inclined tube 25 × 2 mm, 6061 - T6
Bearing capacity: 750/ SQM
Panel material: wood plywood, floor glue, bamboo plywood, fire prevention board, anti-skid building board, toughened glass, plexiglass
Composition of single stage: 1 stage frame (including board)+4 supports+4 columns (with expansion tube)+4 bases

Different ways of packing:


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