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Different Drapery Sewing Ways

time:2020-09-02 editor:R-grafen

Do you know how many sewing ways for the drapery?

NO. Pocket. If you would like to set up the structure of pipe drape system, then pocket will be a easier way to hang the curtains.  
NO2. Sewing a grommet on the top and 5cm wide pocket for the hem, this is also a kind of popular way.
Some clients prefer seamless drape, but they also requires pocket as flexibility to connect the drape to pole stand system, so we come up with the solution
NO3. Grommet+pocket+tie. Look at the below picture, you can see the flat pocket on the front side, while you can see the grommet on the back, this sewing way allow clients use pocket and grommet at the same time.

If there any more ideas on the drapery, just feel free to contact us.
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