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4-Drawer Road Case for Event Equipment

time:2020-11-13 editor:R-grafen

4-Drawer Case Road Case New Arrival

Flight case specification 2x3U and 2x4U in dimension 67x67x98cm(W x D x H) with table, we also have other various cases for your chose, just kindly to provide the dimension on the cases and how many pieces drawers to us, we will quote you the best price. More details contact Demi Email: sales01@raykevent.com/whatsapp+86-15013704348

Other cases for you:

1) Rack case: effect case/Amplifier case
2) Mixer case: (brand) Behringer, Midas, Yamaha, Mackie
3) Lighting case: par light case, moving head case, other light case
4) Musical instrument case: Guitar case, drum case, pedal board case, keyboard case
5) LED/LCD case
6) Guitar Cabinet Case/speaker cases
7) Utility Cases:furniture wardrobe case,plywood cable transport flight case
8) Microphone Cases
9) Computer/laptop Cases
10) DJ case & CD case: DJ /CDJ Coffins Cases, turntable Coffins Cases, CDJ/MIX Cases, CDJ player casesM
11) Others case: storage Drawers Cases, transport case, ABS case, wooden case, aluminum alloy case