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Room Decor Pipe Drape Kits Adjustable Backdrop

time:2021-06-23 editor:R-grafen
Room Decor Pipe Drape Kits Adjustable Backdrop

Pipe and Drape refers to pipe (aluminum or steel), fixed or adjustable telescoping vertical uprights supported by a weighted steel base, and adjustable telescopic or fixed horizontals that provide a drape support frame with removable drape panels.

Pipe and Drape is used to divide, hide, and/or decorate a space temporarily. It is the least costly way to surround booth space at an exhibition. When the system is used for exhibition purposes and used instead of the traditional shell scheme option build time and breakdown time is significantly reduced.

Hot sizes in 6-10ft, 7-12ft, 8-14ft, also 5-11ft, 6-14ft, 7-17ft, 8-20ft, etc. All is adjustable, totally can fit for your requirement. Contact Demi: sales01@raykevent.com for more pricing.