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wholesale pipe and drape kits for events

time:2017-07-14 editor:R-grafen
Pipe and drape kits is used most with weddings, fashion shows, corporate events, concerts, interior design, and in the theaters. Why choose pipe and drape? Pipe and drape makes life easy! Consisting of only steel base plates, aluminum upright pipes, and solid or sheer fabric, setting up a pipe and drape backdrop requires no special skills. The end result is a temporary fixture that is completely portable.
wedding pipe and drape kits
Now, let me introduce you some applications of pipe and drapes in life!

Pipe and Drape upscales basic trade shows, craft fairs and conventions whilst providing a cost-effective alternative to the existing shell scheme system for larger exhibitions. The Pipe and Drape system provides many of the same functionality as any other system, hanging points for signage etc and with hugely reduced installation and removal times should be considered for any scale event. Another benefit of the Pipe and Drape system is that the client / organiser can use coloured drapes to match a particular scheme. Printing onto the drapes is another way to make use of the system.

Pipe and Drape has been used for decorative purposes throughout the event industry for several years now but has become an ever increasingly popular way of draping in a professional manner. Given its adaptive nature the system will work in any venue no matter how challenging.

Pipe and Drape can hide an unused area or unwanted kit / stock, this can prove handy at any event, using a decorative drape can make the screen into a feature.

Modular Booths
Pipe and Drape is a great way of creating height and width adjustable booths for breakout areas, changing rooms, secure search areas, private treatment, medical area etc.. These are very quick to set up and will stand in almost any location.

Room Division
Pipe and Drape is a quick and easy way to divide a large room into two or more smaller areas using standard black or more decorative drapes.

Stage Drop
Pipe and Drape can be used on stage or either side of the stage to create a professional blank canvas or baffle for a conference. Alternatively the system can be used on smaller stages such as schools, village halls and theatres.

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