Flight case package

 Flight case package for pipe and drape

Flight Case for 12pcs uprights and 6pcs cross bars

This flight case can carry 12pcs uprights and 6pcs cross bars;
this systems allows 6 pieces of systems, including 12 pieces of supporting uprights and 6 cross bars. of course, if the systems are connected in the form of trade show booth, you can get more options 


*Option: Fabric bags and flight cases 
*Easy for transport 
*Easy for storage 
*Can custom made for any combinations of pipe and drape
*Color: Black, Other colors is also available
  • Hot sale road case from RK factory direct selling
  • Flight Case Package 450x450x5mm base
  • Flight Case Package for 6-14'upright
  • Flight Case Package for 6-10'crossbar
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    Flight case package

    • Hot sale road case from RK fact
    • Flight Case Package 450x450x5mm
    • Flight Case Package for 6-14'up