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Portable Pipe and Drape Booth- Photo Booth Package are easy to set up and dismantle,they are lightweight and can be easily and conveniently stored and transported. Of course, these products are also very cheap- much cheaper than other booth and also recyclable. After pipe and drape booth are set up, all parts of a Photo Booth is formed. Different exhibition can be well separated by the drapes and everything is kept in order.

We now could not only keep up with the latest product trend, but also upgrade our products according to actual need. No matter what sort of photo booth you are looking for, we can custom make for you.


photo booth package

pipe and drape photo

Trade Show Booth pipe and drape are similarly composed of several basic parts, including the base, the uprights, the cross bars, the drapes. There are really some differences in each part. For example, there are four bases for each single booth; two are for the main uprights and other for the side uprights. There are three drapes for each single booth, one as the main backdrop wall and the other two for side wall. Of course, there are four holes on the main upright at certain height in order to support side cross bars booth in front and behind.

With over tens of models of pipe and drape booth for trade show displays and the lowest prices in the industry, here you can find the perfect display for your exhibition needs from Rayk Event. Top the products with our outstanding client services, expert product knowledge and powerful design capability for all kinds of solutions and our green commitment


pipe and drape trade show booth

trade show display booth


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