500 x 630 x 5mm Base plate

base plates Special Base plate

500 x 630 x 5mm Base plate


Easy to us
Very Sturdy

Product Code: RK-B5063-316-BK
Weight : 27.0 lbs
MOQ : 20pcs

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Our base plates with three holes for different installation needs, special coating makes it rust-resistant.

pipe and drape base plate

RK Pipe&drape Base Plate Details

description quantity carton net weight net weight gross weight gross weight measurement
size model no. (PCS) (CTN) (KG) (KGS) (KG) (KGS) (CBM)
450×450×5mm RK-B1818-BK 2 1 7.6 15.2 7.72 15.44 0.0063
500×500×5mm RK-B5050F-BK 2 1 9.02 18.04 9.22 18.44 0.0078
600×600×5mm RK-B2424-BK 2 1 14.6 29.2 15.2 30.4 0.0112
450×450×10mm RK-B181838-BK 1 1 15.9 15.9 16.3 16.3 0.0063
600×600×10mm RK-B242438-BK 1 1 29 29 29.2 29.2 0.0112


installing base plate

How to choose the size of base plate?

There are two rules:

1. According the heght of the upright. If height below 14ft, we suggest use the 450mm / 450mm base plate; If height beyond 14ft, we suggest use the 600mm base plate.
2. According the place you use them ( outdoor or indoor ). If outdoor use, we suggest use 8mm / 10mm thickness; If indoor use, we suggest use 5mm is enough.

* RK cross type base plate

cross type base plate

2018 RK releases new designed cross type base plate, this type of bases with exlusive RK pin & screw bases, composes of two black iron powder coated surfaces. When all parts on assembly complete, heavy enough to support the upright. Visit https://www.raykevent.com/Pipe_Stand/Base_Paltes/2018/0512/1193.html the page for more imformation about the cross type base plate, article "new designed cross type base plate" about RK installing this kind of iron base plate.

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