Cross bars (refer to cross beams) are part of pipe and drape kits, they can be divided into standard sized cross bars and telescopic cross bars. Of course, the length of the standard sized one can be custom manufactured.

Pipe and drape crossbar is what the curtain will be first hang on. Usually, the standard sized can be used to support drape ranges from 1' to 10', while the telescopic type can be much longer.

  • 9' - 16'Telescopic Drape Supports - Crossbars
  • 4'-5'Special Crossbars
  • 6'-7'Special Crossbars
  • 8'-9'Special Crossbars
  • 4'-4'Roundness Crossbars
  • 5'-5'Roundness Crossbars
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    • 8' Fixed Length Crossbars
    • 10' Fixed Length Crossbars
    • 2' - 3'Telescopic Drape Support