pipe & drape Stage Backdrop Curtain Design stage drapery

Pipe and Drape Backdrop Curtain Design
1.Backdrop drapery
2.Pipe drape curtain
3.Flame resistant drapery

Performance Stage Backdrop Simple Curtain Design
Hot sale stage drapery, wedding backdrops, drapery backdrops, curtain design.
Any size can be made.
Multi-usage of Curtain Design: use for stage backdrop, trade show booths, wedding, schools, convention centers, casinos, museums, resorts, exhibit booth, event,etc.

Materials of Curtain Design:
Poly, Silk, Chiffon, Crepe Chiffon, Velour, Pleuche, Hemp Soft, Mantle Yarns,etc.
Curtain Design Fabric Color:
Bright Red, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green, Black, White, Coffee, Grey,etc.

BANJO Cloth Drapes:
60" wide* 144" high for 12' high back wall
60" wide* 120" high for 10' high back wall

60" wide* 96" high for 8' high back wall
60" wide* 72" high for 6' high back wall
60" wide* 36" high for 3' high back wall

stage drapery curtain


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