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Stage Purple Velvet Curtains Decoration 

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Velvet is traditionally used for main curtains in theaters and stages, but is also an ideal fabric for borders, legs, and stage skirting. While Traveller curtains are the most popular, Tableau, Austrian, and Venetian stage movement can truly define the character of a venue or stage production. All velvets are supplied with certificate upon request.


Flame resistant stage used velvet fabric
  Material Velvet,Velour
Craft Woven
Weight Light Weight,Mid,Heavy
Certificate Flame Resistant Original Certificate
Usage :Wedding ,Stage ,Trade Show,Eents, Party, Scholl,Hotel,etc.


Used for Stage Curtain 


Stage Curtains and theatre drapes always used for opera houses, performing arts centres, concert halls, theatres, school mutipurpose rooms and churches.


Stabdard Stage Curtain, Theater Curtain contain Front Curtain(Front Traveler+Valance), Second Curtain even Three Curtain(Double Les+Borders), Backdrop Curtain or Screen.


Front Curtain is the large curtan at the very front of the stage. As versatile as they are attractive, front-of-house curtain can be drawn in a variety if ways, including traveller, wipe, Venetian and Tableau. Front curtains aren't just the visual buffer between the audience and the stage. They also act as an acoustic barrier, a characteristic achieved via the materials used in production. Heavy velvet fabric for front curtains are a particular favourite for theatres that want to provide a plush, luxury appearance.


Legs and borders are technical theatre drapes that are used to give depth to the tage and sometimes to mask stage equipment.While legs and borders generally serve the same purpose s tormentors and teasers, there are usually several sets of legs and borders placed at varying distances from the proscenium that make up the standard curtain package. Tabs are theatre curtains that hang at the sides of te stage perpendicular to the proscenium arch th mask the wings.


Backdrop Curtains are large cover at the background of the stage or hall in order to set off the performance. Typically made of fabric or scrren, or shield performers until curtain time.


Standard curtain fabric have to be flame resistant, blackout and with luxury appearance. 100% cotton 260g and 450g Velvet are the standard fabric for curtain for curtain drape.


We provide stage curtain, theater with aluminum track and accessories for the whole curtain systems. Solution will after your design and requirement. Please feel free to contact us.

stage drapery


stage drapery


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