RK now releases an activity of the sales promotion, the promotion on velour drape up to 35% off! Note that the discount only for white and black velour drape, shipping on orders over 100 square meters.

promotion on velour drape

RK curtain drapery valances 
Adjustable high(2 pieces) 3ft-5ft, 4ft-7ft, 5ft-8ft, 6ft-10ft,
7ft-12ft, 8ft-14ft, 9ft-16ft, 10ft-18ft,
11ft-20ft, 12ft-22ft, 13ft-24ft, 14ft-26ft
Adjustable high ( 3 pieces ) 5ft-11ft, 6ft-14ft, 7ft-17ft,
8ft-20ft, 9ft-23ft
Different size 420×400×5mm, 450×450×5mm, 500×500×5mm,
500×500×8mm, 450×450×10mm, 400×400×12mm
Color of Drapery Black, White
Usage Event, Wedding, Party, Decoration and so on

This sales promotion we're doing will be gone on May 30,2018. Because it is a Limited Time Promotion, please don't miss the chance.