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8' - 20' (2.44m - 6.09m)Adjustable Uprigh

7' - 17' (2.13m - 5.18m)Adjustable Uprigh

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Specials Product


 2013 Rayk has grown into a leading manufacturer of pipe and drape
 2012 To obtain TUV ISO9001:2008 Certificate for our production line
 2011 Sales by leaps with an annual growth rate of up to 600%.
 2010 Working with global distributor Instead of one-to-one Mode.
 2009 Finished the upgrading of the pipe and drape systems.
 2003 To obtain portable folding stage utility-type certificate
 2002 Established of pipe and drape factory in Shenzhen
 2001 Established of Rayk Event Co.,Ltd