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Q: What can I do if my pipe stand broken?

A: RK as a pipe and drape manufacturer has already considered all possible cases you may encounter while using. We have designed removable parts....


Q: Is RK's pipe and drape expensive?

A: Absolutely no. We never sell any products that you cannot afford. RK's goal is to maximize customers' satisfaction....


Q: How to keep fabric drapes?

A: As a pipe and drape manufacturer, we suggest you can wash them with machine, but make sure gentle detergent with cold water....


Q: What are the best materials for fabric?

A: All materials we supply are the best products in the market. And the only difference is occasion- fabric depends on where and how you would use these products....


Q: Can RK's cross bars be adjusted according to our needs?

A: Yes, RK have both standard and telescopic cross bars. Our telescopic series pipe and drape crossbar products are really ideal options for you if you want to adjust the length....


Q: Is there any difference in uprights to others?

A: Yes, there are many difference between RK's uprights and most products in the market....


Q: Is the height of RK's uprights fixed?

A: Not absolutely. Just like most suppliers' in the market, RK sells pipe and drape uprights that have fixed height, but we also try to meet customers' diversified needs....


Q: What are the main components of RK's pipe and drapes?

A: Like most competitors' products in the market, RK's pipe and drape are composed of bases, uprights, cross bars/crossbeams, fabric drapes and accessories....


Q: Packing method?

A: Packing method: Carton & Flight case....


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