wedding white black dance floor for sale

white black dance floors

RK have a portable dance floor to suit every venue, event, need and budget,which are ideal for tents, special events, weddings, holiday parties, restaurants, hotels, bars, resorts, special event venues, community centers and convention centers as well as trade shows and retail store displays.
Dance floorscome in a variety of sizes and colors. Polished finished black dance floors are very versatile. Another popular style is a black and white dance floor. These floors are also popular in old time soda shop and diner establishments.

Wood Grain Dance Floor

*RK Wood Grain Dance material is high quality wood and aluminum alloy.

*Durable and rust resistant. Modular system make it easy to install, can be assembled in minutes. Black, white,and walnut color can be chose.
*Virtually unlimited size or configuration, all depand on your favoriate.
*It is easy to install and disassemby, use the dance floor movable connection to connect all the floors, no extra tools required.

*All plate through add-hard processing. Join smooth, firm and deautiful, not easy to be trampled.

Whether you are looking for dance floors for indoor or outdoor usage - we have the system that is right for you.If you need to buy the nice portable dance floor,please do not hesitate,choose RK!!RK will be your best portable dance floor supplier!

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Wooden Dance Floor

  • Wooden dance floor with high gloss polish
  • RK Glossy Black & White Dance Floor F
  • wedding white black dance floor for sale