6U Rack Mount Mixer Flight Case With Top Title

Rack Mount Mixer flight case 6U Rack Mont Mixer Flight Case With Top Title

Product code: F196U-M

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Quick Overview

Rack Mount flight case with tilt rack for Mixer

Additional Information

Rack Space

Rack Depth

Approx Weight
18 kg


                1: Heavy duty 9mm Hexaboard construction

                                                              2: Steel corners and aluminium extrusion

                                                              3: Recessed padlockable butterfly catches

                                                              4: Removable front, rear and top

                                                              5:·Steel rack strip front and rear 500mm between

                                                              6:·Top horizontal tilting rack

                                                              7:·x4 Recessed Steel carry handles

                                                              8: Bag of cage nuts supplied

                                                              9:·Screen Print Personalisation: POA

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Mixer Case

  • 6U Rack Mount Mixer Flight Case With Top