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How to make your home blank into focus

time:2017-12-28 editor:R-grafen
RK Event draping and/or wedding draping decor may very well be what you are looking for as a "final touch" to your event. We use only the finest in drapery to ensure the elegant look you are trying to achieve for your event. 

 RK LED backdrop drapes curtains
Have an ugly wall that is an eye sore...Not a problem...Through draping and LED Lighting, we can transform it for you into a beautiful focal point in the room!
   1.Venue Draping is an entire venue or for simply altering the appearance of a particular wall.
   2.We use your choice of drape with an optional swag for all of our venue draping bookings, we find that it is by far the best way to drape a venue. Having the ability to drape up to 12 feet high, we have you covered for most venues in the area.
   3.We are typically asked to drape an entire venue, totally transforming it. We can use a thick draping or sheer depending on the desired outcome。
   4.The drapes are erected using a specialist pipe and drape system which allows them to be free standing and means that we do not need to attach anything to the wall of your venue.  We are also able to drape over doors by using a valence which we can match to the size of doors at the venue.

pipe and drape backdrop
RK LED backdrop kits

You can find us by website www.raykevent.comand asking for any things you need .giving you solution for suggesting exact pipes and drapes that will create wonderful venue decor. Or following your requirement ,providing you with perfect scheme for decorating wedding event by pipe and drape backdrop.

   Be sure to call us today in or RK for event draping, wedding draping, pipe and drape, room wraps, venue draping, backdrops, dance floor canopies, LED dance floor  and more.