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The optional style reference of flexible RK pipe and drape

time:2018-11-12 editor:R-grafen

RK pipe and drape consist of three parts: Upright+Crossbar+baseplate.

The pipe and drape crossbar can be made to various shapes, including straight, curved and round crossbar according to the customer's needs. The style picture is shown below:

pipe and drape

pipe and drape

Upright can be more selective, including fixed and adjustable, which two tube and three tube.Customers can choose adjustable pipe and drape uprights according to actual needs, which is particularly convenient to use. Here are some popular sizes:

No. Description
RK-TS712 7' - 12' Adjustable Upright, Two-Piece pipe & 4" pin & scrow
RK-TS814 8' - 14' Adjustable Upright, Two-Piece pipe & 4" pin & scrow
RK-TS916 9' - 16' Adjustable Upright, Two-Piece pipe & 6" pin & scrow
RK-TS614 6' - 14' Adjustable Upright, Three-Piece pipe & 6" pin & scrow

There are many different styles of the base plates. According to the actual site and usage of the activity, there are some styles of the baseplate below:

pipe and drape base plate

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