8' - 20' (2.44m - 6.09m)Adjustable Upright,Three-Piece pipe

upright Three Piece Upright with Pin & Screw

8' - 20' (2.44m - 6.09m) Adjustable  Upright, Three-Piece pipe & 6" pin & screw


Finite Height Adjustment
Easy to ues
Secure Lock
Pin & Screw Included 

 Product Code: RK-TS820
 Weight : 10.0 lbs
 MOQ : 20pcs

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This type of adjustable pipe and drape uprights - Usually, their height in the markets ranges from 3' to 26' for different occasion use. If ordering uprights from RK, custom made or other types are also available.

Tool-free setup and take down! Because our unique Slip-lock collar works by locking automatically as the inner pole is raised. As the downward load is applied, the special 'ball-taper' locking mechanism engages and keeps the upright in place. The more pressure from above, the tighter it locks. This is the preferred locking mechanism for wedding decorators as it allows for easy raising of tall and heavy backdrops without the risk of losing your grip and smashing your fingers.

What is Slip-lock?


A accessory is used to disengage the lock and lower the upright, simply raise the inner pole slightly and then lift the release ring.

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