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DIY Fiber Optic LED Star lighting Curtain In RK

time:2017-07-14 editor:R-grafen
 Do you know Mark Danielewski who wrote a book The House of Leaves . There are some sentences: Haunted house novels work best when the house is the scariest character. After returning from a trip, the Navidson family notices that there’s something wrong with their home. Doors appear where there weren’t any before, secret passageways seem to have been formed by someone/something with sinister intent, staircases lead nowhere. Characters report hearing a low growl, as if the house, itself, is a monster. Are You Afraid of the Dark? My answer is ‘Yes ’ ‘Absolutely ’ Still remember that I was frightened to cry by some scared stories when I was a little kid, So I was almost fear at night. To overcome this, my parents bought some Luminous and lovely toy for me, that make me feel better. All right, It seems  stray from the point. Today I would love to introduce a awesome item to you: lighting curtain.
All our clients love LED Lighting Curtain, Fairy lights. Not only the comprehensive occasions: wedding, reception, concert, birthday, party, ceremonies, trade show, but also it is easy to use and set up. 
A) Both in normal and informal. Use these star curtains, it looks different and more elegance, You may feel that you just standing under the shining sky.

led light star curtain

B) Easy to set up?
There are 2 ways to hang the curtains on the drapes, one is Sewing a pocket , If you would like the perfect visual effect, you can make 4inch(10cm) width on the top drape.  Another one is make grommet( we can also simply to call it eyelet) with Bandage, you can say make it at intervals of 1 feet(2.54cm) or 2 feet(5.08cm).
With these 2 kinds of drape way, it is very easy for you to connect with aluminum pole stand, hang on the truss, or you can stick on the high ceiling.

C) Various Colors Available.
For LED or RGB star curtains, RK Provide white and black 2 kinds of fire-resistant velvet/velour drape as curtains. As for the lights, Since we use use 0.06W/piece lamp bulb RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, White), the Lights are flexible, durable, So all the lights at your optional, you can use single color or mix up 4 colors.  
More details contact at sales01@raykevent.com. We can design more event projects to surprise you.