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Star Curtain:

Star curtain

Star Curtain has wide application in stage, theatre, TV studio, theme events, home parties, nigh club, hotel banqueting halls, conference room, wedding, etc.
RK Star curtain has 2 kinds, one is LED curtain, another one is RGB curtain. As full set of LED lighting curtain, it composed of Lighting curtain and DMX controller.

Lighting curtain and DMX controller.

Before you buying this kind of LED backdrop, here are some tips for you:
1. To calculate the dimension of your space(Wide*High) you would like to cover.
2. Choose the fabric sewing way. There are 2 ways: pocket and grommet on the top drape. If you would like to hang on truss or as ceiling, then grommet is perfect way for you. While you use backdrop and hang on the
pipe drape stand, then make a pocket.
3. Finally decide the fabric(white/black) and light colors(red, green, blue, white). You can just use the single color or mixed all lights color, do whatever you want.  


LED star curtain backdrop kits
curtains of velcro

RK Star Curtain Specification: 

LED star curtain
RGB star curtain
    4MX8M;5MX10M, Customized

Size: 2MX3M;3MX4M;4MX6M;
    4MX8M;5MX10M, Customized
Voltage: AC 90V- 260V, 50Hz
Voltage: AC 90V~260V, 50Hz
Channels: 8 channels 
Channel: 6 channels
Led: 120pcs (5 High brightness led)
Led: 64pcs RGB (5 high brightness led)

Color: singe color mixed
Color: RGB  (RGB tricolor mixed colorful effect)

Operation modes: All LEDs on;
 DMX Control; Sound Activated; Auto run
Operation modes: All LEDs on; DMX Control;
Sound Activated; Auto run
Program: 14 pre-set program
(set DMX address to choose program)

Program: LCD display, SD card
(16 pre-set program)

Material:Fireproof Velvet  curtain
  (Black or white colour)
Material: Fireproof Velvet curtain
  (Black or white colour)

Material: Fireproof curtain in Black or White light curtain
Light: Led (Only has Blue, Green, Red,White) or RGB(All Different Colors)
Controller: Each one will control 120sq.m led curtain



DMX controller



Size: 3x4, 3x3, or can be customized
Operation modes: All LEDs on; DMX Control; Sound Activated; Auto run

LED curtain:

LED light star curtain

LED star curtain


RGB curtain:

RK RGB star curtain

RGB star curtain



star curtain

led drapery

led light event drapery

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Star Curtain

  • 6x10m wedding/stage/hotel star
  • Colorful LED Light Decoration L
  • Wedding decoration led light cu
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