RK Motorized curtain system for stage for sale

motorized curtain system
Aluminum electric curtain rail is stage-specific rail which is durable and can be equipped whit a constant speed motor to pull the curtain.
With big power motor, the rail can pull a curtain of 30-200kg with maxi length of 30 meters at fast speed.
Curtain hooks is made to be a T shape with bearings on the top injected with plastic material on the surface.
Every single hook can bear weight of 15kg and run smoothly with little noice. It can stop at any place of the rail.
Applications: theaters, multi-purpose hall, meeting rooms, ballroom, hotel, etc.
We provide comprehensive technical support.
A complete set of electric curtain rail will have the following components: (excluding Accessories for lifting and installing the rail on the wail)
Special aluminum track, track pulley, curtain hooks, uniform curtain motor.

motorized curtain track.png

Aluminum curtain rail of Stage-specific

stage curtain track

Rail pulley

curtain track

Uniform curtain motor for stage-specific

drape track

Motor specification
Curtain wight:30-200kg
Length scope for rail: 0-30m
Bearing weight for hook:15kg
Motor power :25w-200w
Hooks for curtain

motorized curtain hardware
T-curtain hooks with bearings and wheels with injection outside; bearing weight for single hook:15kg
It needs 3-5 hooks for every meter of rail

stage curtain system


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