DMX512 Curtain LED Screen

Starlit Curtain is composed of DMX controller and LED background curtains 2 parts. With simple installation way, and the various colors for chose. And there are 2 hanging way for curtains pocket and grommet available. Such more options for choosing led curtains, that is also why our backdrop widely used in comprehensive activities.

LED Curtain

More Details for your Reference:

1. Select top grade flame resistant velvet curtain, import chip LED light.
2. LED Curtain Light Color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Purple, Mixed Blue& White, Mixed Red& Yellow& Blue, Mixed Red& White& Blue& Green.
3. Easy to Set up and remove, convenient, safe, can max several pieces led star curtains together.
4. LED Curtain Accessories: LED Curtain Controller for 120 sq.m, LED Star Curtain Controller Line
5. Applicable to all parties, concert stage background, television studio, banquet hall background, night market etc.
6. Fuse Wire of LED Curtain: 3A(for power), 10A(for control circuit board)
7. Product Features of LED Curtain: consists of TWO layers of velvet, surrounded by zipper(in order to facilitate customer check the inside.

Size: Customized(2×3m, 3×4m, 4×6m, 6×8m, 6×10m etc.)
Voltage: AC 90V-260V, 50Hz
Channels: 8 channels
Led: 120pcs (5 High brightness LED)
Color: Single color mixed (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Purple)
Operation Modes: All Lamps on, DMX Control, Sound Activated, -Auto Run
Program: 14 Preset program ( set DMX address to choose program )
Material: Fireproof velvet curtain

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LED/RGB Star Curtain

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