3x3m Starlit Curtains among event planning

It is a 3×3m LED star curtain, as starlit lighting curtain now is one typical decorating backdrop among event planning.

Here are some more details for your reference:

1. Select top grade flame resistant velvet curtain, import chip LED light.
2. LED Curtain Light Color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Purple, Mixed Blue&White, Mixed Red&Yellow&Blue, Mixed Red&White&Blue&Green.
3. Easy to install and remove, convenient, safe, can max several pieces led star curtains together.
4. LED Curtain Accessories: LED Curtain Controller for 120 sq. m, LED Star Curtain Controller Line
5. Usage of LED Curtain: Event Show, Wedding, Stage Backdrop, TV Studio, Club, etc.
6. Fuse Wire of LED Curtain: 3A(for power), 10A(for control circuit board)
7. Product Features of LED Curtain: consists of TWO layers of velvet, surrounded by zipper(in order to facilitate customer check the inside.

Lighting Curtain

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LED/RGB Star Curtain

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